Friday, 25 May 2012

The last few days

The last 3 days have pretty much been looking for houses and going to the pub as a cheeky reward after, but going to the pub usually means being tempted by the food - and giving in in my case.

 Our yummy drinks
 More yummy drinks.. We did actually have food aswell but i always forget to take a picture cos im usually so excited to eat, how sad! I had a chicken and bacon sandwich with chips, it was scrummyyy :)
Cute horseyy outside the pub, don't think he liked the hot weather too much!

New chocolate go ahead bars! So yummy.

Me at a different pub when i went on my little trip away :)

At this restaurant they actually have calories on the menu, i guess this is a good thing, the first thing i spotted on the menu was a cheese burger and really wanted it because for some reason i've been craving on recently, the cheeseburger and chips came to 970 calories!! I was horrified, i know its not that shocking, but it kind of is in a way also. This wasn't much better at 740 cals but i did share the with mommy and sister :)

Don't like peas!!! Bleurghh

More yummy drinks, mine has no alcohol, just lime and soda :)

Belle's excited to move house :D

Another one from my little trip!!

I will get back on track eventually! I did get up this morning and go on my crosstrainer for 20 mins, which burned about 160 calories, and then i had cereal, and then the fried chicken and chips. The weather has been so gorgeous lately so we keep going out for drinks and always end up eating, hopefully the weather will go crap again soon so i can get back on track haha!

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