Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Nachos, funny tops, and films

Last Wednesday me and Katie went to see Life of Pi, I reaaaaallyy loved it. And I may have been slightly more excited about my tango ice blast and nachos that I got with my odeon points! But seriously, the film is really good, and I loved the meaning behind it.

I brought this top for the gym and I just find it hilarious! However I really want to cut the arms off or pin them up somehow and I really don't know how to do it, and don't really trust myself to start chopping away at it...

Another cheeky trip to Cex with Katie, every time we are in town, especially if it's on the weekend, it is soo hard to resist buying a film! We've watched the first three Hannibal films now, and there's just this one left and I can't wait to watch it! Although I don't think it has Anthony Hopkins in it, which is a major disappointment. Also I thought Chatroom looked really good and just my kind kind of film so I couldn't resist!

I also watched this film the other day (definitely not instead of going to my Monday afternoon lecture, but I told myself it was OK as it can be related to my what I'm studying at university). It's about a man who was wrongly convicted of killing a police officer, subsequently spending 12 years in prison before being released about a year after this film was made. It's very interesting and I would recommend it!

I also watched this video by Catarific on youtube that my sister sent me the link to. I feel like it has explained my whole life. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but it has made me not feel like a complete weirdo, and that there are others out there like me, I am definitely an introvert!

I also EVENTUALLY finished my paint by numbers, it has literally been sitting on my desk since September last year, so happy to have finished it and have it hanging on my wall at uni :)

Quote of the day:


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow, food, and a cute little Buddah

Soooo this is what happened recently

And although I find snow just as beautiful as everyone else, it really hasn't been much fun, and I don't feel like I got to appreciate it at all, apart from in the pictures above from the weekend with my sister. Getting to uni is a task, none of my shoes have any grip on them, and I have to walk up and down bridges at a snails pace, whilst trying not to fall flat on my ass. The weekend was good, I was able to enjoy it a little more with my sister when we went into town and for a cheeky carvery, being with her would make falling over in snow very funny, but falling over when i'm on my own walking to uni, not so much!

YUM. We were told by the waitress that students also can get free cokes with carverys, shame she didn't tell us that when us poor students ordered tap waters!

And how freaking cute is my little buddha?! I saw him and just wanted him, so cheeky and happy. Only £1.00 from the market, little things!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New DVD's, workout clothes, and jacket

Me and my sister are making our way through all the Hannibal films, so far we've watched Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs, they're both so good.
I'm also OBSESSED with killer whales, so when I saw the complete Free Willy collection in Cex for £4.00 i I had to get it, i've only watched the first one so far, and it was soo cute.

I watched this film sooo many years ago when I was little, and I remembered loving it, and I really can't wait to watch it again.

I was in desperate need of new trainers, my previous pair were £15.00 and I didn't really think I needed a good pair if I just wanted to run on a treadmill, how very wrong I was! I started getting really bad pain on my ankles and shins and had to stop running for a while, so I recently ordered these New Balance trainers, so far so good, they feel a lot better than my old ones. I also ordered some shorts, as the only ones I have are really thick and I wanted some lightweight ones, and also a mens Adidas top!
Buying new stuff to wear to the gym actually really motivates me to go because I get excited to wear my new things!

I also ordered a new jacket from Missguided, i've been wearing my old fake leather jacket for three years, I love it, and still wear it, but thought it was time to get a new one, I love how this one just has the leather arms and not all over, and i really love the studded hood, so cute!


Friday, 4 January 2013

nail polish stand, kindle case, and a coffee maker!

So last week I ordered a case for my kindle I got for Christmas, and also a nail polish stand, and they still hadn't come by yesterday, I knew I would probably be back at uni before the nail polish stand got there as I only ordered it a few days ago, but they both arrived this morning just before we went back to uni, I was sooo happy, I unpacked all my nice nail polishes that I had packed just to put them on and take a picture just to take them all back off after!

As you can see, i'm obsessed with Barry M!
 Ebay - £19.99

I love my kindle case! Amazon - £9.99 (although I checked again and think it have may gone up to £12.99!)

When we got back to Lincoln we decided to drop all of our packing and run straight out to buy a coffee maker, me and my sister have been wanting one for a while, so we had a quick trip to town and picked up one from Argos! We've tried it out and so far so good, ground coffee is soo much nicer than instant!

Whilst we were in House of Fraser on our coffee maker hunt, we came across a yankee candle SALE!! The other day we were in a different House of Fraser and they had a sale but it was only about 10% off and we didn't really like any of the scents, but here they had just three christmas cookie candles left, which is one of our absolute favourite scents, I got the large jar which was reduced from £19.99 to £10.00, which is SO good for Yankee Candles, we were ecstatic! 

Then we got our Tesco delivery which we are always VERY excited about!

And here are the two things I am most excited about..
This is usually my drink of choice when I go out so when I found this limited edition flavour on the tesco website I HAD to get it, however I didn't realise it would be so creamy looking, I guess I should of known from the name Strawberries & CREAM, silly Chloe!

Me and my sister love Krave but it's soo expensive, and we have been wanting to try this one for ages, so we waited until it was on offer to buy it, so excited to try!

Then I had to tend to this... and that was just the clothes, nevermind my thousands of other bags of junk! But I kind of love getting back and unpacking because it always turns into a massive organisation and cleaning session which I enjoy!

After all the unpacking and coffee-ing we cooked a yummy homemade pad thai and watched an episode of Gossip Girl!

Such a busy but great day, and I cannot wait to get to the gym tommorow, I wonder how long this motivation will last?! By the end of last term I certainly wasn't excited at the thought of the gym, but I really can't wait to get back!


Quote of the day:

I don't usually write anything about the quotes I put at the end of my posts, but me and my sister were actually talking about this today, and about how important little things really are, I believe this so much and try to appreciate everything. I can actually be quite negative and pessimistic so not getting stressed by uni and just every little thing that I worry about (which is most things to be honest) can be quite challenging, but life is short and the little things really do turn out to be the big things, at least they are to me, when I look back I want to remember all the silly fun little things, not how stressed I felt or what I was worrying about, so I guess this sort of links back to my New Years Resolutions that I posted yesterday! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My new years resolutions

1. Lose 10 pounds, and if that doesn't happen, at least maintain my weight and don't gain any. I also want to keep up with the gym and regular exercize and continue to love it and enjoy it as much as I do now, also maybe start running outdoors and try some more exercize classes!

2. Take more pictures, learn how to edit them better, blog more (they're all kind of linked, aren't they?)

3. Be more positive, stop letting things affect me that shouldn't, and learn to just do what I want without caring what people think of me, and take more chances!


Christmas at home

So as usual I haven't blogged for ageeeessss! I'm so bad at blogging but then sometimes I really want to make a post, so even though it's very inconsistent and I can never seem to keep it up, I may aswell just blog when I want to! So Christmas is over, and i'm going back to uni tommorow and I actually can't wait! I've loved being at home and being with family, but towards the end I just got bored and i'm ready to get back into my routine at uni, and especially to get back to the gym, that's what i'm actually most excited for, is that sad?! I've ordered some new trainers because my ankles and legs have started to really hurt after running on the treadmill so decided it was time for some decent trainers, so i'll make a little post about them and some other things I ordered when they arrive. Anyway, here are a few pictures from Christmas!

My yummy home made Granola

New bookshelf! I was so excited to get home for Christmas and fill it with all my books :)

Secret santa for my friend

I don't care if it's winter, its amazing!

Me at the German Market with my Crepe

This is probably my fave thing i've brought in SUCH a long time, little rotary tea light holder that spins around when you light the candle, soo cute!

Cutest mug ever from the German Market

Yummy home made Risotto

Fave Orange Juice!


Christmas night out with my friends

Baileys set
Christmas Chocolate

My main present off my parents, I absolutely LOVE it, already read about 5 books since Christmas Day, and all the apps and games on there are so fun!

I've already finished this book, and love it, I recommend it!

Little tea party on Christmas Eve with my grandparents!

Baileys hot chocolate

Me and Katie

Christmas Day cooking

My yummy Christmas Dinner

A few days after Christmas Day me and Katie went into town to look at the sales, (and most things we ended up buying actually weren't in the sale!), and went for lunch at a restaurant called Chaophraya that we'd never been to before, it was amazing!

Doggies by the fire

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year :)