Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lush Bath and Easter Dinner!

So I've had this bath bomb since Christmas and actually haven't chance to use it because I've been at uni. But now it's the Easter holidays so earlier I had my first bath in about a year, and used this amazing Golden Wonder Bath Bomb from Lush that my sister got me for Christmas! :) It was nice and relaxing after cooking dinner for my family earlier :)

It looked too good to not take a million pictures. I never buy bath bombs, especially not special ones like this, and needed picture memories of this moment!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Sunday!


50 Facts About Me

  1. I hardly ever cry at films, but I cried at about four different points in My Sisters Keeper. Its the saddest film I've ever seen. I also regret not reading the book first even though I own it.
  2. Me and my sister should have been twins - sometimes I feel like were just one person.
  3. I love food. And cooking, and baking, and especially eating.
  4. I'm studying criminology at university, but its nothing like I thought it would be.
  5. I live with my sister at uni (and three other housemates who I don't really care for).
  6. One Tree HIll was probably my favorite TV series of all time.
  7. I worry too much. About everything. Especially things that aren't important and not likely to happen.
  8. I've just finished reading 'My James' by Ralph Bulger. It was heartbreaking.
  9. I love Amazon wishlists, and Amazon in general, it just has everything.
  10. I bought stamps for the first time ever the other day, it made me feel like an adult. I don't want to be an adult.
  11. For some reason I either didn't watch or don't remember most of the Disney or children's films that everyone else has seen.
  12. Some of my favorite films are: the Hannibal quadrilogy, The Life of David Gale, Deep Blue Sea, Ill Manors, We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Shame.
  13. But I think I may love documentaries more than films. To name a few: Into the Abyss, The Cove, Death Row.
  14. I'm easily startled and very jumpy.
  15. I've never broken a bone. The other day i told my sister i didn't want to die having not had this experience. She thought I was crazy.
  16. I haven't decided whether i believe in god.
  17. I love quotes and have a folder dedicated to them on my computer.
  18. When i have children, i really want twins.
  19. I do NOT understand the attraction with Harry Styles. I just don't get it and never will.
  20. I love Kevin Spacey and Russel Crowe.
  21. I have a Kindle and love to read. However when I'm at uni I stop reading, but as soon as I come home for holiday that's all i seem to do.
  22. I regret not saving more money for university when i had a job.
  23. Killer whales are my favorite animal. I've always wanted to go to Seaworld but I don't think I agree with captivity, so I may have to find another way to see them.
  24. I change my nail color about every 2 or 3 days.
  25. I think I want a tattoo, but i'm so terrified that I will regret it that i don't think i will ever get one.
  26. I want another ear piercing, so far i have both ears pierced, and one pierced at the top.
  27. Wagamama is my favorite restaurant. Me and my sister usually go about once a week. And sometimes we try to estimate how much we've spent there. Its scary.
  28. When I like a song I listen to it about 100 times until I'm sick of it and don't want to hear it again.
  29. I got a Blackberry on a 24 month contract. It was the worst decision of my life.
  30. I love Yankee Candles. But they have made my walls at my uni house go slightly grey from the tar(i think its tar?) and I hope my landlord doesn't notice.
  31. My favorite album is Lupe Fiasco - Lasers. Not just because of the songs, but because I remember listening to it constantly when I was about 18 and have really fond memories of that time, although not from anything in particular.
  32. I'm really bad at writing essays, which is basically most of my degree, and i'm terrified i wont be able to get a 2.1 when I graduate.
  33. i give off a bad first impression, but I'm actually really nice, and care about people a lot, maybe too much somtimes.
  34. I can count the number of true friends I have on one hand. Actually, two fingers, and one of them is my sister. And I'm totally happy with that.
  35. I love watching vlogs on Youtube.
  36. I really want a pug.
  37. I love icy cold drinks instead of hot drinks from coffee shops.
  38. Me and my sister are currently making our way through all the seasons of Greys Anatomy, and loving them.
  39. I add Chillies to more of less anything I cook, everything tastes better spicier.
  40. I don't like the taste of any alcohol. But i still drink it.
  41. I'm trying to give up fizzy drinks, in particular Diet Coke. I've cut down a LOT, but don't know whether I will be able to completely give them up.
  42. I'd like to be a stone lighter. But I'm not doing much about it.
  43. Deciding which books I actually want to OWN and which ones to just buy on my Kindle will forever be a huge struggle for me. I would own them all if i could but i do love my Kindle.
  44. I've been using up all of my perfumes in the past year or so and I can't wait to have no more left and just start again. I hoard everything and it just gets too much.
  45. I probably have over 20 Barry M nails varnishes.
  46. I sleep with a light on most of the time, sometimes I feel brave but this is rare.
  47. My Dad bought me a Michael Kors handbag last year but its lost all its shape and looks terrible, and I regret not just taking the money instead.
  48. I think I like giving presents more than i like receiving them.
  49. I used to watch the Titanic every Saturday morning at about 6am with my Dad when i was about 5. I don't know why but I just loved it and never got bored of it.
  50. In my opinion The Hills should NEVER have ended.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Snickers Ice Cream Recipe

4 Snickers Bars
150ml Whipping Cream
260g Condensed Milk

Firstly you need to chop up the Snickers bars into little pieces so they're easier to melt

And then melt the Snickers in the microwave, making sure to check it every 20/30 seconds so it doesn't burn! 

Add the condensed milk to the melted Snickers

Whisk the whipping cream, (use an electric whisk if you have one! we don't so we had to break our arms using a normal one haha!)

Add the condensed milk and melted Snickers to the whipped cream

and mix!

Pour it into a container, and then freeze for 5 hours!

Et voila! This is probably the best ice cream i've ever tasted, and it was HOMEMADE! It's all gone now and I want to make more!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Went to Birmingham with Katie for shopping and Wagamama (surprise surprise!)

My gorgeous doggies!

What I got home to on Monday when I came home from uni! I love my Mommy!

Then my chocolate pile grew more after a visit from the Grandparents! :)

 Snacks for Pitch Perfect with Katie! 

Yummy din dins :)

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke - £1.99 - Selfridges
Hello Panda - £1.10 - Selfridges

Law Abiding Citizen - £4.00 - Cex

Batiste Dry Shampoo - £2.54 - Superdrug

Pink Pants - £2.00 - La Senza
Blue Pants - £4.00 - La Senza

I really want this shark from the Disney shop!!!

A really yummy chinese we had lastnight!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

New underwear! Not sure if this is weird to put on my blog but I thought they looked pretty!

Half Price earrings from New Look - £1.50

Primark - £4.00

Wearing my new Kate Moss (Shade 1) lipstick on Friday night!

Night out with my friend on Friday! 


Sunday, 10 March 2013

My sister has been going crazy over this lip balm, I wouldn't get it for a long time because I just don't think any of them actually work or cure dry lips, but I eventually caved in, and it is really good! Whilst I'm not convinced it has got rid of my dry lips completely, it has definitely helped, and its the most AMAZING smell ever, I could literally sniff it all day.

Burts Bees Rejuvenating Acai Berry Lip Balm - Boots - £3.69

Me and Katie went home for the weekend recently, was very happy to be re-united with my beautiful dogs! :)

Also brought this DVD whilst I was at home, i've seen it before and loved it, even if it did make me feel a little claustraphobic! And £1.50 is such a bargain!

My other little baby!

Me having a cheeky nap on the mega hot train on the way home.

Went for a yummy curry with the parents whilst we were at home!

This is what I spent my clubcard points on.. magazines and sweeties, iIthink I have good priorities...?

Is it sad that I took a picture of this? Its limited edition chocolate orange and I was so excited to try it! I'm not sure if it beats their other Muller Corners but it was still nice!

Me and my friend brought red noses the other day and were going to wear them this Friday on a night out, i wonder how many people will try and steal them?

Exciting shopping trip of a poor student! I've had a really bad cold this week so been stocking up on cold & flu tablets, lockets, and these yummy Beechams blackcurrant drinks, I might just drink them even when i'm not ill! And I was also in desperate need of pillow cases, my pillows have fake tan blotches all over them and look quite disgusting it's actually embarrassing..

This was actually meant to be a Green Thai Curry.. although it just looks like a plate of rice and vegetables, it was still AMAZING :)

Cheeky treats

This is what i got my mum for Mothers Day, she loves crafting and making cards so I got her a few little things, I hope she likes them!

Got a new paint by numbers, I've already done one and its on my wall, I want to do loads and frame them all in my next student house next year!

I brought this with my boots points, I am in LOVE with the colour!
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint (Greenberry) - Boots - £3.99 

My mum was amazing and brought me these three lip products, I can't remember the last time I got new lipsticks/glosses. I am SO very excited about these.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (Vintage Pink) - Superdrug - £6.29
Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick (Shade 1) - Superdrug - £5.49
Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer (Stella) - Superdrug - £5.99

Cooked this yummy dinner tonight which me and Katie thoroughly enjoyed

This is the second Easter egg I have brought for myself this year already. I need to stop.

A new Sainsburys opened on the road we live on at university and me and Katie were both extremely happy about this.

Had a cheeky Wagamama the other day, these dumplings are the most amazing thing in the world.

Happy me after cooking and demolishing pancakes!

Mcdonalds breakfast before one of mine and Katies weekend library days

Me looking sheepish after being told off by Katie for having too much underwear. I have trouble letting go..

We made Oreo Cupcakes!

And Apple Crumble! YUMMY.

I've also been on a few nights out recently so thought I would try and include some pictures where you can see what I'm wearing and my make-up, but unfortunately the pictures aren't too great, I should take some of myself before I go out but I always forget!

This was for my friends Texas themed birthday, hence the denim shorts, shirt, and sombrero hat!

This was my friends 21st birthday and I think my dress is quite an old one from New Look :)

This was the first time I've ever been on a night out without fake tan on, and I was actually pretty happy with how my makeup looked!