Monday, 25 November 2013

Instagram life

1. Fruit tea in my new tigger mug 2. Some goodies to make my cold better 3. New mini chocolate baileys that I got for free! 4. Bonfire

 5. Home-made cookies 6. Nice little walk 7. Festive rekorderlig 8. Happy storage boxes 

9. Ready for an informal interview for volunteering 10. Learning how to write essays (or trying to) 11. Giant gingerbread man! 12. Sweetie craving 

13. Lovely meal with Katie 14. Gingerbread latte with the cutest mini gingerbread man! 15. Best documentary in the world (Blackfish) 16. A ride at the bonfire


Sunday, 24 November 2013

New clothes and other things

New keyring!!

Eyeshadow primer - I got this because it was reduced on ASOS, and my elf one was running out. Sadly though it's not as good as the elf one!

Yummy dark chocolate! 

Disney christmassy jumper - Primark - £10.00

Blazer - New Look - £28 (But I got it for about £21, as I had a 25% off voucher!!) I am in LOVE with this blazer, I'd wanted one for ages!

Thermal socks! These are sooo comfy!!

Boots - New Look - £29.99

Skirt - Primark - £3 (Reduced from £6)

I have a very unhealthy obsession with duvet covers! 

Christmassy chocolates!!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Food diary!

 I wanted to start being a little healthier, and thought by taking pictures of everything I ate, knowing I would put it on here, would make me try harder to make better choices! I think I did quite well this week compared to usual, and I feel a lot better too!



Friday, 15 November 2013

A bonfire and Christmas presents!

Mom and Dads Christmas presents all wrapped! :)

Me and Katie went to a Bonfire last Friday, we've never been to a proper one before and it was amazing!


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Recent pictures

(excuse my very dirty mirror!)

New coat! I was so happy to get a new one, I've actually already got two coats but neither of them had hoods - which I desperately need with all the rain recently!

And some new gloves! :)

Me and Katie couldn't resist these, we tried them in Marks and Spencers and just had to get them, and they were on offer too so it's kind of justified :)

Fave dinner!!

A nice winter walk yesterday!

I was extremely excited about these new earphones, I lost my old ones, and to be honest they were a bit rubbish anyway, so I got these Sony ones, and although they are really good, the left bud constantly falls out my ear so I'm always having to put it back in, but the sound quality is better.