Friday, 31 August 2012

New Shoes!

My mum brought me some new shoes today, i think she felt bad for me that my old ones were practically falling apart and all the material inside had come loose, and also the fact that i was limping around today because i have glass stuck in my foot, not that that has anything to do with my old shoes, but hey ho, any excuse for shoes!

I don't know if i really see the point in flat dolly shoes, they're pretty and everything but i feel like they fall apart so fast, and it's also going to be winter soon and i know i'm going to need new boots as my other ones have loads of holes in. But i'm sure they will last a while and they're so cute!

Marks and Spencer - £25.00

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Legally Blonde and Wagamamas Recreation

I went to see Legally Blonde today with my sister at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, it was amazing! All the dancing and singing was so amazing and the costumes were gorgeous, especially all of Elle's glittery outfits, one of the blazers that she was wearing was the most amazing thing ever and i so want it, although it would probably be a little much for every day wear! They even had the little dogs on stage with them, they were adorbs!

This is the amazing blazor but you can't see it that well on this picture but it's the best one i could find.

On a little side note, stupidly before i went i didn't eat lunch so i was starving and we wouldn't be getting back until 5o'clock ish, soo all the naughty yummy food at the theatre was quite tempting (and very expensive!), and i succumbed and brought a mini tub of pringles and a bag of sour pastilles (i did share with my sister), and a bottle of water, not too bad, but i would have preferred to eat something sensible before i left the house and still have that £7 in my purse!
Anyway, after my amazing Wagamamas yesterday me and my sister wanted to try and recreate it, and this is what we came up with, it was yum!

Wagamamas version:

 My version:

Not AS good as Wagamamas but still good! :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cinema, shopping, and Wagamama

Saw this film today in 3D and actually LOVED it! I really get into these types of films and it just makes me want to DANCE!

Amazing Wagamamas Firecracker. I tried looking for the calories online and from what i could see i think it was about 450 - which really i don't think is alot especially when eating out i think there's so many calories in most meals and they can be over 1000 in a lot of restuarants, so i didn't feel too guilty eating this.

Prawn and vegetable dumplings, actually amazing.

Brought a Cath Kidston mug, i've been wanting one for ages. And some Green Tea, i really want to start drinking it because of all the health benefits.

I thought this was a clever idea when i saw it on someone elses blog the other day, fruit and chocolate chips!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Face of the night!

Thought i would do a little post about the makeup i wore lastnight!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in True Beige
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Light/Medium
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Mac Blush in Dollymix
Mac Eye Kohl in Smolder
Mac Eyeshadow in All That Glitters
Rimmel London Eyeliner in Panama (used for eyebrows)
Rimmel Perfect Match Concealer in Soft Beige
Chanel Illuminating Fluid
Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yogurt
Mac Lipliner in Soar
Mac Lipstick in Quite Cute
Mac Dazzleglass in Extra Amps
Maybelline The Falsises Mascara

Some photos from the night!


Saturday, 25 August 2012


I've been getting back into reading so much lately and i love it! After reading The time of My Life whilst i was on holiday i decided i had to simply read all books by that author (Cecelia Alhern - author if P.S I Love You), but being the poor student i am i rarely buy books from just Waterstones or normal priced bookshops. So i had a little mooch on ebay and managed to get these 3 books for around £8 with postage! That is such a good deal and i worked out that it would of been around £23 to buy them all at RRP. Also after i ordered these i went into a Books & Music Oxfam and found one of the books even cheaper than it was on ebay, so from now on i will be definitely looking in charity shops for books! I hope there's on near my uni, but for now i have these 3 to be carrying on with!


Friday, 24 August 2012


Today i went shopping with a friend, we're going out on Saturday night so she suggested we go shopping for something to wear. Trying to be sensible i found a dress that i had in my wardrobe that i've had for about a year and have yet to wear, the dress doesn't excite me at all and it was so tempting to get something new but i refrained. My friend got a gorgeous dipped hem purple dress from new look, i was so jealous. However i did buy a few little things to spice up my boring black dress..

Nail Wraps - £1.00 Primark

Hamsa Earrings - New Look £2.99

Belt - New Look £3.99

Nail Varnish - Primark £2.50

Bracelet - £1.00 New Look

These are how the nail wraps turned out. I do like how they look but they seem like they would come off quite easily so not sure i would recommend them, i don't think they stick to your nails enough to stay on for a long period of time, but they seem suitable for maybe one night out so i may try to wear them out tommorow night if they haven't fallen off by then!


Picnic at Hatton Country Park.

Went for a picnic the other day at Hatton Country Park with my Mum and Sister. Here are a few pictures!

In one of the cute little shops where they sell a lot of candles and incense/oil burners i found a yankee candle diffuser in Pink Sands which is a scent i've wanted for ages! In the shop it was about £18 but i came home and found it online for just over £10, i really want to get it, but not sure i can justify that being a poor student with no job! 



I got back from Barcelona a few days ago, i went with my sister for 3 nights, it was amazing, we didn't have much time but before we went we planned a few fun things to do so we made sure we crammed everything into the few days we had! Here are a few pictures.

Our hotel room.

All of our little toiletries neatly laid out, has to be done.

Me and my sister.


Some yummy Paella.

La Ramblas

The Chocolate Museum

Our tickets which were chocolate bars, yummy.

Chocolate Up.


Hard Rock Cafe, people may find it strange to be going to a Hard Rock in Spain but i'd never actually been to one before so we went, the food was yummy, and it had a good busy atmosphere!

I thought our water looked nice.

The Legendary Burger.

The Magic Fountain, this was amazing, hundreds of people were standing around it and music was playing and everyone was taking pictures, dancing, and posing next to it, it was the most impressive fountain i've ever seen!

Barcelona Zoo.

Mommy and baby monkey.

Tapas, we really didn't like this!

The Haribo shop in the Zoo. It had air con, it was HEAVEN.

I also read this book whilst on holiday, it is seriously one of the best books i've ever read - i recommend it to anyone.