Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Scrapbook - Favourite Quotes

I save lots of quotes on my computer when i see ones that i like from various places like tumblr, other blogs, and just random websites, but they're just sitting in a folder on my computer and i wanted to have them somewhere to look at. I've kept a scrapbook for years filled with tickets, receipts, photos, things from magazines, and general memories, and i've managed to already fill two whole notebooks and i started my third one recently. So i thought this would be the perfect place to put a few of my fave quotes, and thought i would share them on my blog :)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Workout clothes, books, sale, and food!

So i ordered some tops from Sports Direct for the gym because i really didn't bring enough to uni with me, and i've already brought a Nike top since i've been back and i wear it practically every time i go to the gym and never want to wear anything i have, i also like that it's dark and i don't want to wear any of my white tops to the gym. 

Nike top - £.8.00
Lonsdale top - £2.99

And of course the Sports Direct mug they send you every time you place an order even though you don't want it, however today my mug arrived already broke, so i didn't even have to feel bad for throwing it away haha..

Also two books arrived today that my Mum ordered for me, they're the first two volumes in the 'A Prison Diary' series by Jeffrey Archer, after visiting Lincoln Prison the other day i googled it when i got home just because i like reading about prisons and prison-related things and i found out that this well known author had spent some time at Lincoln Prison for breaching some home visit rules. I then found out that he'd been to many other prisons before going to Lincoln, and that they were all in different categories and he described them all very differently, in his first book of the series called 'Hell' he talks about a prison double A category prison in London, in his second book 'Purgatory' he talks about a prison he went to in Norfolk which was said to be 'a bit more relaxed' and in the last one called 'Heaven' he attends an 'open prison' called North Sea Camp in Lincoln, this is where he is given more freedom and is allowed to work at the local theatre, however this is also when he is said to of breached some rules so was sent to Lincoln Prison which i believe has a section in the book titled 'Back to Hell'. So i am intrigued to read all three books, and to found out what was so bad about Lincoln Prison!


Me and my sister took a walk into town to go to Cex for a dvd to watch tonight, we ended up getting two, 'Knowing' and 'It's Complicated', we watched 'Its Complicated' tonight, very good for just £1 :) Whilst we were there i remembered i wanted some green pumps from New Look that are only £10 so i went to see if they had any in stock, we both got completely sidetracked because there was a huge sale and ended up trying loads of things on, after coming out the changing room i remembered why i had actually gone in there in the first place, i then asked my sister if she remembered and the look on her face was so funny, i knew we had both completely forgotten because we both got so excited by the sale. After remembering i checked for the pumps but they only had them in a size 7 anyway! But i did get some tops that were in the sale..
£7 (Reduced from £12.99)

£6 (Reduced from £8.99)

Superdrug purchases:

I also went in Superdrug for just one thing - an exfoliator, i told my sister as soon as we got into the shop that that is what i needed and was set on getting it, however we spent about 20 minutes looking at all the nail varnishes, and i spent a lot of time looking at the Revlon stand swatching all the colours over my hand, then i found an MUA stand, and some of their blushes were so tempting, they're so cheap! But i managed to tear myself away with help from my sister, but after all of this i had completely forgot what i went in for and came away with a glittery Barry M, face wipes, and a nail file.

Cheeky trip to Starbucks:
Mango and Passionfruit frappucino (first time i've tried this, doesn't best Costas version!) and my sister got a Caramel Macchiato.

Got some vegetables from the market whilst in town, SO much cheaper than supermarkets, we love it!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Tesco delivery at uni

So me and my sister did an online food shop on Tesco and it came tonight, we were both so excited for it to come haha! We had the house more or less all to ourselves so i didn't feel like a total weirdo putting it all neatly on the table and taking pictures..

I think this makes me look really unhealthy, i promise we're not! We try and cook a healthy meal most nights and we're quite good. We don't drink much alcohol, but we loovee a cheeky cider so we got 4 because they were on offer! Yummy :)

Some things we've cooked so far:

Cajun chicken, cajun potatoes, rice with hoisin and garlic sauce

Roast potatoes, carrots, peppers and spring onions, which rice and chicken in sweet thai chilli sauce

Home made mac and cheese


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bits & bobs

Never seen this film, excited to watch!

New Make-up, haven't brought any in sooo long, was waiting until i'd ran out of a lot of things and i don't have a good foundation that matches my skin properly so hopefully this one will be good, i'm also slowly running out of my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which i've been using for YEARS, but i just can't afford it any more so i'm going to see how this £3.99 powder compares! Also i didn't pack my make-up very well for uni and just chucked things in and realised i only have about three lipsticks with me, which is obviously just not enough, so i got this one, i love the colour.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - Ivory - £6.99
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Peach Glow - £3.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Firecracker - £4.99

There was a self serve machine for this pick & mix and weighing it myself and pressing the button to get the sticker was way more fun to me than it probably should of been..

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Exploring and FOTD

So yesterday i got up early(ish) so i could get my workout done in the morning and then have the rest of the day. Me and my sister went to find the prison as i am just fascinated by them and i also wanted to know the way there because i'm hoping to get some work experience there (don't really know if that's ever going to happen), but i wanted to see it all the same! It said on google maps that it would take 36 minutes to get to, i'm sure it took about an hour, with a huuuge hill to climb, and it was pouring with rain, and as i hadn't washed off my excess tan my legs were a complete mess, it was all quite funny to be honest!
Not often you see signs to prisons so had to take a picture..

The first regulation really made me laugh, i didn't think that was the type of thing they would put on there for some reason

Look at that little door! We thought that was too cute.

Prison wall!

Afterwards we decided to go and see Lincoln Cathedral, as it was quite close and i have also been studying here a year now and i've never actually been, and i could safely say i was NOT going to be taking the trip all the way up the gigantic hill again so it was now or never

Generic tourist picture, looking very wet and boy-like in my gym clothes

Later on we went to Zizzi for dinner, i'd never been there before, it's an Italian restaurant and the food was yummy.

Afterwards we went to see Now Is Good, it was amazing! I love Dakota Fanning, i haven't really seen many films where she is the age she is now, i've seen Man on Fire and I Am Sam, but nothing recently, she was amazing in it, and i could hear a few sniffles in the cinema it was so sad, but so good!