Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mini holiday

Went on a little trip to my grandparents caravan for a few days. Didn't eat the best, but probably better than i usually am!

For breakfast i had cereal (Chocolate Crunch) not the healthiest, but that's what happens when you go shopping when your hungry!

This was lunch:

(Like my sock?) :)

And this was dinner:

(Didn't finish all of the spaghetti bolognese, and had half of the garlic bread)

Later on i had a chocolate bar that was 223 calories! 

The next day really wasn't too good, although it got off to a good start with some Trim Flakes with banana ontop, and a piece of wholemeal toast, for lunch i had crackers, pistachio nuts, velvet crunch crisps, and 5 chicken dippers. On the night we went to the chip shop and got a large chips, a battered sausage, and a cheeseburger, and shared it all, however i mainly ate the chips, not a fan of the dodgy meat in chip shop food! After that i had the same little chocolate bar :)

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