Friday, 1 June 2012

The last few days

Have't blogged because i haven't had the internet because of moving house, and i also haven't been healthy at all because of birthday/moving house, no excuse is good enough but you know.
On my birthday (Wednesday) i was awake by 6.20 because i couldn't sleep, i opened my presents from my family and then the removal men came at 9.00 to put all of our stuff in the van to store overnight to move the next day.
Me and my mom and sister went out a few times, firstly Mcdonalds for breakfast, then to the Lakes to feed the duckies (i know how to live), and then after all of us went to Stratford and hired a motor boat (so scary i hated it!)
Eating confessions: I had Mcdonalds pancakes with sausage for breakfast, and then TGI Fridays for dinner! The day after (Thursday) i went to a cafe for breakfast and had scrambled egg, 2 sausages, beans and fried bread, i skipped lunch and had a pick n mix because i went to the cinema to see The Avengers, and then came home to the new house and unpacked my boxes for about six hours, and then got a curry at 10pm! I shared a chicken balti with my boyfriend and also shared chips, naan bread, and poppudoms. Also i haven't been able to do any excercize as the cross trainer hasn't been put up in the new house, but maybe ill go jogging soon!

Pictures from the last few days:
Presents from family: Monin caramel sugar free syrup, ceramic keep calm mug, candle, deodrant, shampoo, handbag, clothes, blood brothers tickets, oil painting set, money, and a new look voucher.

Presents from my boyfriend: Running trainers, mens jacket, 3 tops, pants, a book about Josef Fritzl, revlon colorstay eyeliner, parker pen, plastic wallets (for uni), air freshner (obsessed with anything nice smelling, candles, air freshners, incense etc!), charlie perfume, milk tray chocolates, velvet crunch crisps (81 calories per pack!), curly wurlys (they take ages to eat and only 115 calories), body puffer, gel shoe cushions, nail varnish. 

The motor boat in Stratford!

All my presents wrapped up from Chris!

Me and Chris before TGI's! (I hate smiling too much it makes my face look fatter)

Drinks! I got a yummy cocktail called Silver Mercedes!

Chicken Finger BLT

Jack Daniels Burger and Onion Rings

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