Friday, 24 August 2012


I got back from Barcelona a few days ago, i went with my sister for 3 nights, it was amazing, we didn't have much time but before we went we planned a few fun things to do so we made sure we crammed everything into the few days we had! Here are a few pictures.

Our hotel room.

All of our little toiletries neatly laid out, has to be done.

Me and my sister.


Some yummy Paella.

La Ramblas

The Chocolate Museum

Our tickets which were chocolate bars, yummy.

Chocolate Up.


Hard Rock Cafe, people may find it strange to be going to a Hard Rock in Spain but i'd never actually been to one before so we went, the food was yummy, and it had a good busy atmosphere!

I thought our water looked nice.

The Legendary Burger.

The Magic Fountain, this was amazing, hundreds of people were standing around it and music was playing and everyone was taking pictures, dancing, and posing next to it, it was the most impressive fountain i've ever seen!

Barcelona Zoo.

Mommy and baby monkey.

Tapas, we really didn't like this!

The Haribo shop in the Zoo. It had air con, it was HEAVEN.

I also read this book whilst on holiday, it is seriously one of the best books i've ever read - i recommend it to anyone.


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