Saturday, 25 August 2012


I've been getting back into reading so much lately and i love it! After reading The time of My Life whilst i was on holiday i decided i had to simply read all books by that author (Cecelia Alhern - author if P.S I Love You), but being the poor student i am i rarely buy books from just Waterstones or normal priced bookshops. So i had a little mooch on ebay and managed to get these 3 books for around £8 with postage! That is such a good deal and i worked out that it would of been around £23 to buy them all at RRP. Also after i ordered these i went into a Books & Music Oxfam and found one of the books even cheaper than it was on ebay, so from now on i will be definitely looking in charity shops for books! I hope there's on near my uni, but for now i have these 3 to be carrying on with!


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  1. she is a genius!

    xo Camilla

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