Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back at uni!

So my parents made the decision that they wanted me and my sister to come back to uni early, i didn't actually mind to be honest i had been so bored at home and i was actually really excited to come back and set up my new bedroom and unpack everything! So we got here yesterday and we unpacked, did a big shop at Morrisons, made dinner, played on the wii with some of our housemates, and i read lots and discovered some new blogs whilst everyone else in my house watched Dr Who which i have zero interest in lol!
And today me and my sister went into town to get a few necessities, and some not-no-necessities :)

Katie and Rob loving playing the Wii

Me looking geeky and happy in my glasses

Yes i am the loser!

Bigggg shop!

Ready for my day of shopppingg in the sun

All shopped out chilling by the Brayford

Primark purchases
Large towel - £5.90
Earrings - £2.00
Socks - £2.00

Boots purchases
Maybelline the falsies mascara - 2 for £10
Face cloth - 99p

Dinner trays

Tealights and toothbrushes

I was so excited to find this! I have a blue glittery candles in my bedroom and beside it i had an old red oil burner that was really dirty and kind of gross, when i found this one in Poundland today it just seemed like FATE!

My lovely blue-themed desk area!


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