Monday, 17 September 2012

Birthday girl!

So it was my sisters 22nd birthday today and we went to the cinema to see Hope Springs, it was actually really good, after watching the advert i felt like i had seen the movie already because it was quite a long and in depth advert, but i hadn't, it had a lot more in it than just what was in the advert, it was such a good movie! I recommend it to anyone. As it was her birthday we just had to get one of the ridiculously priced refreshments.. and obviously we chose the extra large tango ice blast (partly because it comes in an amazing long cup but also cause it just tastes SO yum!). We also had a 2 for 1 voucher which we completely forgot to used and could of paid £6, a bit annoying!

Birthday girl with her drink!

Afterwards we went to handmade burger co. I've been once before and it was yearsss ago so i actually don't remember the food at all but we saw that it was 30% off on mondays so we decided to go there, it was amazing! The burgers are delish, we got an american cheese burger, and a stuffed chilli and cheese burger, we shared both of them so we got try both, yummy! And the Cajun chips are amazeballs. But we found it was waaaay too much food for two people and were stuffed! Before the discount the bill was £27 but with student discount it came to around £18, you can imagine how happy we were at saving this amount!

We wanted to go for cocktails afterwards, we found somewhere but when we got there it looked totally deserted and rather posh, and as we were still carrying our massive obnoxious tango cup because obviously we had to take it home with us, they might not of appreciated this in a sophisticated cocktail bar, so we went to the pub for yummy cider and blackcurrant, even the bar man asked where we had been looking rather oddly at the cup.. LOL.
So full of food and especially drink right now.. don't think i have ever had so many different drinks in one day, orange squash, protein shake, vanilla frappucino, tango ice blast, diet coke, cider and blackcurrant, wayyy too much sugar i feel quite hyper!


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