Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wagamama addiction and Sea Life Centre

Ok so i think i actually have an addiction to Wagamama, i've been about four times in the last couple of weeks, it's amazing. I went again today, we went to a different one, it was by a canal and it was a really sunny day, and the restaurant was practically empty, i loved it.
 The waitress also told us about the Wagamama in Leamington Spa, saying it was the best one there is with huge chandeliers, and a bar with loads of different cocktails and bar snacks, and they also have sushi availible (which not many Wagamama's have), me and my sister got really excited and we have decided we just have to go there one day.

All to ourself!

 Yummy peach iced tea.

 Probably my fave dish

Our gorgeous view!

I would put another picture of what i had, but i had the same as the other day and i already did a blog post on it :)

We also went to the Sea Life Centre!



 Jellyfish, these are so cute how they move and bob around

Otters being fed!

 This hallway was full of mirrors, it was so hard to figure out where to walk, i really wish i had took a video, you could see your reflection absolutely everywhere and had to figure out where to walk.

The gift shop, i wanted absolutely EVERYTHING in there.

They also had an amazing 4D cinema, and a really cute little 15 minute film about turtles, it was soo good, i saw a 4D film at Alton Towers, and i have to say this was a lot better than that.

After our Wagamamas we planned to get a Costa and sit by the fountains on the steps as it was a nice sunny day, and they were showing the Paralympics on a big screen, but we got way too cold so soon gave up and walked back to the train station! Now im snuggled up at home in my tracksuit bottoms and hoodie watching 90210! :) Such a good day.


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