Saturday, 13 October 2012

Its been a while..

So i haven't blogged in about two weeks, basically due to laziness, busyness, and illness. It all started to go a bit downhill after i had my first night out at uni last Friday, and from there i just got really ill and have spent the last 5 bed in days and haven't gone to uni one day this week at all. Anyway.. i wanted to post about my dress and a few things i brought today now that i'm feeling slightly human again!

Dress (Primark) - £10.00
Heels (Primark) - £16.00

Do you not just LOVE my carpet? The joys of student houses.

Me and my friend :)

So i haven't really taken many pictures all week after that as i've been ill, BUT, i did HAVE to leave the house on Wednesday as there was 20% off in Topshop, New Look, and some other shops, and i had had my eye on a jumper in Topshop for a while, i never actually go in there to be honest i can't afford it at all but my friend took me in there and i couldn't stop thinking about the jumper afterwards. So me and my sister went to what turned out to be quite an event (security guards, MASSIVE amounts of people waiting for the shops to reopen because the event was from 6pm - 9pm) it was all just a bit crazy. The shop was also really small and i was coughing and sneezing and it was just no fun at all. After luckily finding my jumper we walked out and a woman asked us how much we had spent and said we could choose a free gift, and we got a talking bagpuss mug, its amazing, we really weren't expecting it to be such a big deal, everyone literally RAN to the shops when it turned 6pm, it was actually quite scary...
So i was feeling a lot better today so took some pictures of what i brought

Topshop - Originally £38.00 - 20% off - £30.40

New Look - Originally £25.00 - 20% off - £20.00

New Look - Originally £9.99 - 20% off - £7.99

How cute are these socks?!

Also did a little shopping today..
You know your becoming an adult when this is what you buy when you go out shopping on a Saturday.. especially when you come home and start cleaning and ironing!

Cheeky snickers from the market

I also got this lipstick from the market. I always pass them and look at them and think surely they're not the real deal, as they're sold there and also theyre only £2, so one day i got my sister to study one for ages so she could look at one of mine from home, and when we got home she said they looked exactly the same! So i went again today and just really loved this colour, even if it's not real, it was only £2! :)
Also got a new poster for my bedroom, in love with it!



  1. Love the Topshop sweat. You look lovely in the dress & heels.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  2. thankyou!
    your leather jacket on your latest ootd is amazing :) and them recipes look mouth watering!
    following :) xxxx