Friday, 16 November 2012

Home, friends, hair, and duvet covers!

Sooo, i haven't blogged in ages again. When uni becomes really busy and i have loads of things to do i just seem to stop blogging. I also don't really do much to be honest apart from go to uni, go to the gym, and do uni work haha. But it has been a few weeks, and me and my sister EVENTUALLY went home for the weekend after 2 months of being in Lincoln, it was so nice to go home for the weekend, and our parents have just moved house so we did a lot of organising and unpacking of boxes and sorting out our new bedrooms, it was fun!

I have to take a picture of Katie every time we are on the train home...

I think Belle was very happy to have us back!

Me extremely happy in the new house! 

Yummy breakfast cooked by mommy

Love her little top

The weekend after two friends from home came down to Lincoln to see me and my friend here, so i stayed with my friend that lives here for the weekend as it was easier, and our two friends stayed in a hotel nearby, we went out friday and saturday night, and on saturday we did some shopping and had a meal at Harvester! Such a good weekend :)

I love her

We only realised when we were out how matching we looked.. so funny!

I also brought some V05 Give Me Texture Spray and thought I should blog about it! I haven't brought any hair products in ages and v05 was two for £5 :)



I don't think theres a MASSIVE difference, but it definitely did something! I haven't tired the oomph powder yet but i'll probably blog about it when i do!

Also another little random thing, if your anything like me you may be a little bit obsessed with duvet covers, i know i definitely am. I only have one at uni with me and i couldnt really be bothered to wash it and thought the sound of a new one sounded way more exciting, and in argos they were buy one get one half price so i HAD to get two :)


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