Friday, 23 November 2012

Home made granola and OOTD

So I saw a youtube video of Beautycrush' (on her vlog channel) I don't know how to make the word a link to the channel. (Yes i have a LOT to learn about blogging). Anyway the video was how to make home made granola, which I thought looked amazing and yummy, and after weeks at uni with just living off cereal bars for breakfast, I wanted a bit of a change. So I followed the recipe as best I could with the ingredients I had in the house and this is what i came up with...

I thought trying to make the Granola in a 3 minute ad break of Cheryl: Access All Areas was a good idea, hence the mess!

I guessed all the amounts so I won't include them but I used:
Porridge Oats
Oil (It was either vegetable or sunflower, i'm not sure which)
Chocolate Chips
Golden Syrup


After. A tad burned. (Cheryl distracted me, but can you blame me?)

SO good with yogurt and fruit. I actually wake up excited to have this for breakfast!

Little OOTD from today :)


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