Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dyed hair, new fave jumper, and yankee candles

Dyed ma hurrr!

Faveee jumper <3

Early christmas present off Katie, in love with this, smells amazing!

Got this for when I go out with my friends at xmas time, instead of just the standard boring hat!

And this is why we don't use the living room in our student house. Because our housemates think it's somewhere they can just put all of their junk. This picture does not even do justice to how messy it is. At all.

 Had a lovely relaxing Sunday, went into town with Katie to sell the wii, because we have two and really don't need them both! Had lunch at Wetherspoons, looked round House of Fraser and smelt all the Yankee Candles and planned our future house together and how we need to have the most amazing coffee machine because we saw a nice one in there. Walked home, played on the PS1, cooked dinner, and watched Black Swan! Only 5 more days of uni until we break up for Christmas, can't wait! :) So excited to go home to a lovely clean house for a month and to see my family and doggies <3 Ooh and I also discovered the myfitnesspal app and downloaded it, for some reason I thought you have to pay for it but you don't, actually having fun searching for everything I eat and adding up the calories, they really do add up when you count them! Hope everyone had a lovely sunday!



  1. where did u get that red velvet cake candle? I bet it smells so good!!



  2. Heyy! my sister got it for me, and I believe she got it from and yes it smells GORGEOUS, I recommend it! :) xxxx

  3. Actually, she just told me it was but both sites are quite good :)