Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas at home

So as usual I haven't blogged for ageeeessss! I'm so bad at blogging but then sometimes I really want to make a post, so even though it's very inconsistent and I can never seem to keep it up, I may aswell just blog when I want to! So Christmas is over, and i'm going back to uni tommorow and I actually can't wait! I've loved being at home and being with family, but towards the end I just got bored and i'm ready to get back into my routine at uni, and especially to get back to the gym, that's what i'm actually most excited for, is that sad?! I've ordered some new trainers because my ankles and legs have started to really hurt after running on the treadmill so decided it was time for some decent trainers, so i'll make a little post about them and some other things I ordered when they arrive. Anyway, here are a few pictures from Christmas!

My yummy home made Granola

New bookshelf! I was so excited to get home for Christmas and fill it with all my books :)

Secret santa for my friend

I don't care if it's winter, its amazing!

Me at the German Market with my Crepe

This is probably my fave thing i've brought in SUCH a long time, little rotary tea light holder that spins around when you light the candle, soo cute!

Cutest mug ever from the German Market

Yummy home made Risotto

Fave Orange Juice!


Christmas night out with my friends

Baileys set
Christmas Chocolate

My main present off my parents, I absolutely LOVE it, already read about 5 books since Christmas Day, and all the apps and games on there are so fun!

I've already finished this book, and love it, I recommend it!

Little tea party on Christmas Eve with my grandparents!

Baileys hot chocolate

Me and Katie

Christmas Day cooking

My yummy Christmas Dinner

A few days after Christmas Day me and Katie went into town to look at the sales, (and most things we ended up buying actually weren't in the sale!), and went for lunch at a restaurant called Chaophraya that we'd never been to before, it was amazing!

Doggies by the fire

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year :)


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