Friday, 29 March 2013

Snickers Ice Cream Recipe

4 Snickers Bars
150ml Whipping Cream
260g Condensed Milk

Firstly you need to chop up the Snickers bars into little pieces so they're easier to melt

And then melt the Snickers in the microwave, making sure to check it every 20/30 seconds so it doesn't burn! 

Add the condensed milk to the melted Snickers

Whisk the whipping cream, (use an electric whisk if you have one! we don't so we had to break our arms using a normal one haha!)

Add the condensed milk and melted Snickers to the whipped cream

and mix!

Pour it into a container, and then freeze for 5 hours!

Et voila! This is probably the best ice cream i've ever tasted, and it was HOMEMADE! It's all gone now and I want to make more!


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