Sunday, 22 December 2013

Food diary

Monday 16th December

  1. granola with yogurt, clementine, orange juice
  2. ham, tomato, and cucumber sandiwich, celery with hummus, and pretzels
  3. honey, lemon, sugar, and hot water
  4. chocolate eclair (advent calendar)
  5. home made banana bread and a pear
  6. rice cake with peanut butter
  7. home made mac and cheese with roasted broccoli
  8. rolo yogurt
  9. banana

Tuesday 17th December

  1. Granola and yogurt
  2. 2 scrambled eggs
  3. Super noodles, bread and butter, banana and pear
  4. Coffee
  5. Banana bread with butter
  6. Chicken and brown rice with soy sauce, roasted broccoli
  7. Rekorderlig cider (don't think I even drank half of this), and 4 sqaures of fruit and nut chocolate
  8. Pombears

Wednesday 18th December
  1. Yogurt and granola
  2. Sandwich with ham, tomato, and cucumber, crisps, 2 pears
  3. Banana bread with butter
  4. Doughballs (4)
  5. Etna pizza from Pizza Express (Didn't eat all of this)
  6. 2 squares of dark chocolate

Thursday 19th December
  1. Yogurt and granola
  2. Oat so simple bar
  3. Leftover pizza, banana, pombears
  4. Fruit and nut chocolate
  5. Biscuit
  6. Prawn Itame (wagamama) (also had steamed chicken dumplings that I forgot to take a picture of)
  7. Chocolate popcorn salted caramel dessert

Friday 20th December
  1. Pancakes (made with egg, banana, peanut butter) with chocolate spread, and a pear
  2. Supernoodles, crisps, bread and butter
  3. Mince pie
  4. Fruit tea
  5. Chicken jalfrezi with pilau rice and garlic naan
  6. Dark fruit and nut chocolate

Saturday 21st December
  1. Sausage, scrambled egg, baked beans, 1/2 piece of toast
  2. Chocolate croissant
  3. Toast and crisps
  4. Scampi, tortelloni with sauce, green beans
  5. Triple chocolate sundae

I think I ate OK this week, I think I've noticed I am definitely better when I'm blogging all my food, I won't snack on extra little things throughout the day, because I know I will have to take a picture of it, and I don't really need it anyway.

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