Friday, 15 June 2012

Weight loss problems.. continued.

Well, turns out i wasn't being as clever as i thought just wearing a normal bra to do my workout in. I now have 2 marks under my boobs from where the bra was, and i went to do my second cross trainer session just and with every little move the bra rubbed against it. I didn't want to be defeated so i tried putting tissue underneath the bra and tried again, but, it still hurt.
Luckily my parents have said they will buy me a new one, as i really can't afford one and they're really expensive. I also think i've been getting really stuck in my routine and not doing anything else, i don't really like changing my routine once i have one, but i was forced to do something else so i did some weights and some situps, not very many but it's a start, have i feeling i'm going to be sore tommorow!

Heres a picture of my dinner, i made sausage casserole with my sister :) I really don't know how healthy this is or how many calories it has. I imagine quite a few!

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