Friday, 3 August 2012

Im backkk! Weight loss update and new bag!

I haven't blogged in nearly a month and a half, and i really don't know why i stopped, but i'm back now! I think maybe i got bored of just posting health/diet/exercize everyday and i want my blog to be about other things aswell not just that. Soo i'm going to have a little bit of everything on here! I've been reading blogs a bit recently and the thing i love about them is just seeing what people do daily, and looking at pictures of everything fun that people do, so hopefully i can make my blog a bit more like that.
Firstly i think i should probably do a little health/fitness update... soo, for the whole month of june i think i was exceptionally good, i stuck to around 1200 cals a day and did about an hour and 20 mins of cardio 6 days a week, i think i lost about 10lb that month. However at the end of the month i ended a relationship that i had been in for over a year, from there things went a bit bad and i haven't really got back on track since. For the whole of July i more or less kept up my excercize but i didn't eat very healthy, and its starting to make me feel a bit rubbish, i said to myself that by the time i go back to uni in september i want to fit into my size 12 jeans, and although i can get them on and do them up now (something i hadn't been able to do for over a year) i still have a muffin top when i put them on. It's not only that but, i also don't think i enjoy being unhealthy and eating what i 'want' all the time, it gets boring, treats aren't really treats anymore, and im starting to not enjoy food, and i feel like i enjoyed it more when i was being stricter, i would look forward to every meal, every 40 calorie hot chocolate before bed, every meal out once in a while when i let myself have what i want, but now i'm eating whatever whenever and it's not special anymore. I feel like because i've been off track for so long its so hard to get back on, i say to myself every night that tommorow will be different but it never really is. I have about a month and a half before uni starts again and i want to get back to being healthy and happy like how i was for all of June. And with that hopefully i will be able to loose some more weight and reach my goal :) I want this so badly and i don't know whats stopping me, i guess nothing is, apart from me...
Anyway enough of that for now! Time for something fun. So yesterday my parents took me to Bicester Village in Oxford which is basically a designer shopping outlet and i think they have cheaper prices than the normal prices, at first i felt really out of place, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not good enough clothes to be in a place like that, but after a while i just thought i might aswell enjoy it, i love looking at all the clothes/shoes/bags/jewellrey, even if i can't really afford it, so i just looked around and it was so good! My Dad (very unexpectedly) said that as we were there we had to get something and asked if there was anything i liked, and i looked around all the shops and the only thing that stuck out to me was the bags in Michael Kors, i just love most of the bags in that shop, most of the styles i liked.  So i chose the 'Hamilton' (i think thats what its called) and its the bigger size of the two that were availible, if my Dad was going to spend this much money on a bag i want it to be one i can use everyday for uni to fit folders in etc, and i just love bigger bags anyway! So here is my bag and also a little 'Whats in my Bag' :D

I don't my bag is actually a new bag that has come out recently i think it may be an older style, i tried to look for it online, and i found a similar one but it wasn't exactly the same! Anyway, my Dad paid £249.00 for the bag and it says the original price was £375.00, not sure how true that is, but i think it was worth the price and i love it, and i'm sure i'll be using it for years to come!

 'Whats in my bag'
  • Book (Me before You by Jojo Moyes)
  • Pencil case (WHSmiths)
  • Ted Baker Purse
  • Umbrella (Primark)
  • Sunglasses (You can't see them, but they're nothing special! Just some cheap Primark ones!)
  • Yankee Candle hand sanitizer
  • Impulse body spray
  • Plasters
  • Keys and my HSBC thingymajig (Don't know what it's called?!)
  • Nivea lip balm
  • 2 Memory sticks (How cute is my little Durcaell battery one?!?)
  • Ipod
  • Tissues
  • Hairbrush
I had so much fun putting all my stuff into my new bag just, is that sad?!

Anyway as i haven't blogged for ages i thought i'd put some pictures up of some fun things i've done in the past month! :)
Pub lunch with my Mom and Sister (I couldn't find anything healthy so just had 2 side orders!)

Trying to organise my makeup!
Brought some gorgeous storage boxes for my make up (From WHSmiths)

Yummy costa breakfast! Felt quite guilty about the 500 calorie muffin though :/

Glittery blue nails! (Barry M)

My gorgeous doggy, Trixie

Trying on dresses that i hadn't even been able to get on let alone zip up in a LONG time.

On the tube!

My sister, we stayed in London for a night, so fun! :)

Dinner - Crispy Chicken Goujon Salad - Don't think this was a very healthy salad, i think the menu said it was about 900 cals!

 WHOLE FOODS! One of the main reasons i wanted to go to London!

Whole Foods purchases



Going to the theatre! <3

Unexpected yummy chinese meal!

Shopping with my sister! Cath Kidston photoframe, new lamps for uni (the blue one is mine, the red one my sisters), bulbs, my receipt for my ear piercing!, cookies, pop tarts, butterfingers bar and Reeses cups pieces, limited edition coca cola, an action figure my sister brought, harry potter lego wii game, and yummy rekorderlig cider!!

Made my own meatballs from scratch!

 This was yummy but way too much food i didnt even finish half of it!

Some nights out with my friends :)

New ear piercing (the little blue one!)

So.. a little round up of my summer so far, i have..
  • Lost weight...
  • ...probably gained a little back (but not all)
  • Spent hours and hours on my cross trainer at home (and actually started enjoying it after a while, as i watch 2 episodes of The Hills, which passes the time!)
  • Got a 2 week gym membership with my Mom, went to my first ever Zumba class, and went swimming a few times
  • Ended a relationship i was no longer happy in
  • Jogged
  • Moved house temporarily until our new house is built in Oct/Nov
  • Went to London 
  • Went to Whole Foods, and crushed peanuts to make peanut butter!
  • Turned 20
  • Got the top of my ear pierced very spontaneously!
  • Went to the cinema and saw: Ill Manors, The Amazing Spider Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Katy Perry:Part of Me (twice!), Men in Black 3
  • Went to Alton Towers
  • Went on countless amounts of pub lunches
  • Read all the fifty shades books.. and loved them
  • Brought new clothes.. something which i hadn't done in a very long time
  • Booked a holiday to Barcelona for 18th-21st August
  • Got the train on my own for the first time ever (that is appalling at my age, i know!)
  • Went to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre
  • Got a Michael Kors bag
  • Watched the person running through my town with the olympic torch
  • Passed my first year of uni with a high 2:2 (56%) and got 60% on my exam which i am VERY proud of
  • Brought makeup storage boxes that im really happy with
  • Sunbathed
  • Brought cute things for the new house
  • Went to Lincoln to move into my new house with my sister, unpacked all my stuff, set all my bedroom up, and LOVE it so far, excited for year 2 of uni, i think its going to be a good one!! :)

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