Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cinema, shopping, and Wagamama

Saw this film today in 3D and actually LOVED it! I really get into these types of films and it just makes me want to DANCE!

Amazing Wagamamas Firecracker. I tried looking for the calories online and from what i could see i think it was about 450 - which really i don't think is alot especially when eating out i think there's so many calories in most meals and they can be over 1000 in a lot of restuarants, so i didn't feel too guilty eating this.

Prawn and vegetable dumplings, actually amazing.

Brought a Cath Kidston mug, i've been wanting one for ages. And some Green Tea, i really want to start drinking it because of all the health benefits.

I thought this was a clever idea when i saw it on someone elses blog the other day, fruit and chocolate chips!


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