Thursday, 30 August 2012

Legally Blonde and Wagamamas Recreation

I went to see Legally Blonde today with my sister at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, it was amazing! All the dancing and singing was so amazing and the costumes were gorgeous, especially all of Elle's glittery outfits, one of the blazers that she was wearing was the most amazing thing ever and i so want it, although it would probably be a little much for every day wear! They even had the little dogs on stage with them, they were adorbs!

This is the amazing blazor but you can't see it that well on this picture but it's the best one i could find.

On a little side note, stupidly before i went i didn't eat lunch so i was starving and we wouldn't be getting back until 5o'clock ish, soo all the naughty yummy food at the theatre was quite tempting (and very expensive!), and i succumbed and brought a mini tub of pringles and a bag of sour pastilles (i did share with my sister), and a bottle of water, not too bad, but i would have preferred to eat something sensible before i left the house and still have that £7 in my purse!
Anyway, after my amazing Wagamamas yesterday me and my sister wanted to try and recreate it, and this is what we came up with, it was yum!

Wagamamas version:

 My version:

Not AS good as Wagamamas but still good! :)

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