Saturday, 22 September 2012

Exploring and FOTD

So yesterday i got up early(ish) so i could get my workout done in the morning and then have the rest of the day. Me and my sister went to find the prison as i am just fascinated by them and i also wanted to know the way there because i'm hoping to get some work experience there (don't really know if that's ever going to happen), but i wanted to see it all the same! It said on google maps that it would take 36 minutes to get to, i'm sure it took about an hour, with a huuuge hill to climb, and it was pouring with rain, and as i hadn't washed off my excess tan my legs were a complete mess, it was all quite funny to be honest!
Not often you see signs to prisons so had to take a picture..

The first regulation really made me laugh, i didn't think that was the type of thing they would put on there for some reason

Look at that little door! We thought that was too cute.

Prison wall!

Afterwards we decided to go and see Lincoln Cathedral, as it was quite close and i have also been studying here a year now and i've never actually been, and i could safely say i was NOT going to be taking the trip all the way up the gigantic hill again so it was now or never

Generic tourist picture, looking very wet and boy-like in my gym clothes

Later on we went to Zizzi for dinner, i'd never been there before, it's an Italian restaurant and the food was yummy.

Afterwards we went to see Now Is Good, it was amazing! I love Dakota Fanning, i haven't really seen many films where she is the age she is now, i've seen Man on Fire and I Am Sam, but nothing recently, she was amazing in it, and i could hear a few sniffles in the cinema it was so sad, but so good!



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