Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My new bedroom at uni

I saw someone do a similar post to this a while ago and found it really interesting, so i thought i would do one! I'm back at uni in a different house this year and i really love my bedroom and all the little things i brought for it and the colours, also i can't have posters on my walls at home cause my mom hates them, so my room is full of posters when i'm at uni :)

 This is the make-up i brought to uni with me, bringing it all would be very impractical!



  1. This is definitely much homelier than my room at uni ever was! I LOVE that you have a cookie jar on your desk...although I'm not sure how it's full!!xxx

  2. Haha i love my cookie jar! And it really is starting to go down now lol, too hard to resist! Just checked out your blog, love it, following :) xxxxx

  3. I love the blues! Especially the flowers and that little canvas above your desk! And I now really want to watch Up and Toy Story 3 haha :p xx