Friday, 19 October 2012

Too early for christmas decor?

So, i met up with my sister on my free today and we walked past Paperchase and noticed how cute the mini Christmas trees in the window were - the ones i noticed and loved the most being the turqoise and bright pink one. Thinking nothing else of it we carried on walking and went to get a yummy Greggs for lunch, and then just walked round for a bit until i had to go back to uni. My sister then text me an hour or so later saying that she had a present for me, i actually thought she might have got me ear buds for my earrphones as the bud has fallen off it, very annoying when your about to get on the treadmill in the gym and really want to sweat it out and work hard but your earrphone doesn't fit in your ear properly! I ordered new ones but they didn't even fit which was even more annoying. However i got home later and it was nothing other than the turqoise Christmas tree that we saw in Paperchase!! I was so amazed its gorgeous and she also got me some cute little baubles for it, i have lots of blue things in my room and its very much blue themed so the tree goes perfectly. I couldn't actually wait so i put it up there and then and it's sitting on my desk now, probably a bit too early but i don't even care its so adorbs!

I was so relieved for the weekend when we got home, this week has seemed so stressful. Me and my sister were tempted to be naughty and get a chinese but decided we would make our own version of crispy chilli chicken and egg fried rice which we always get from the chinese. We walked all the way to the big Morrisons by us to get ingredients, we never do this as we get our shopping online and if we need anything we go to the shop round the corner, but we needed quite a lot to make our dinner so we had our lonnnng walk so we felt like we deserved our dinner! Also i got a toffee apple and my sister got a chocolate apple which we're so excited about!

Also.. these ice cubes are so handy! Oblong so they just fit into bottles, amazing! Got them from Poundland :)
I also went to Zumba yesterday at my uni gym with my friend, i thought it was really good, but not as challenging as the one i tried in the Summer at a gym at home. Me and my friend want to try lots of different classes though like Boxercize, Legs Bums and Tums, and Pilates :) I also went to Badminton on Tuesday which was so fun!


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