Saturday, 20 October 2012

Trip to Nottingham!

So today me and my sister got the train to Nottingham for a little day trip, but the main reason being we were having withdrawal symptoms from Wagamama. If you've been reading my blog a while you will know that over the summer we first tried it and instantly became OBSESSED. We went practically every week, but here at uni in Lincoln we don't have one, well we do, but it's still being built, it's going to open really soon and were SO excited but we just couldn't wait that long! We also just wanted a little day trip because we've been back in Lincoln about 6 weeks now and it's fun sometimes to do something different on the weekend! :) I also did a little bit of shopping, pictures below! :)

Best dumplings in the world.

Yaki soba

Chicken raisakuree

Poundland purchases :) 

My toy story box! Not bad for £1. Think i'm going to use it as a memory box.

Fun drinks :) I'm never actually going to open the coke i'm just using it as an ornament in my room it's beautifull!

 Soltan fake tan - Boots - £5.99

Hair dye - Boots - £4.00

Necklace - New Look - £5.00

Earrings - New Look - £2.99

Skirt - H&M - £3.99

Top - H&M - £10.00 reduced to £5.00

Top - H&M - £7.99 reduced to £3.00


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