Friday, 4 January 2013

nail polish stand, kindle case, and a coffee maker!

So last week I ordered a case for my kindle I got for Christmas, and also a nail polish stand, and they still hadn't come by yesterday, I knew I would probably be back at uni before the nail polish stand got there as I only ordered it a few days ago, but they both arrived this morning just before we went back to uni, I was sooo happy, I unpacked all my nice nail polishes that I had packed just to put them on and take a picture just to take them all back off after!

As you can see, i'm obsessed with Barry M!
 Ebay - £19.99

I love my kindle case! Amazon - £9.99 (although I checked again and think it have may gone up to £12.99!)

When we got back to Lincoln we decided to drop all of our packing and run straight out to buy a coffee maker, me and my sister have been wanting one for a while, so we had a quick trip to town and picked up one from Argos! We've tried it out and so far so good, ground coffee is soo much nicer than instant!

Whilst we were in House of Fraser on our coffee maker hunt, we came across a yankee candle SALE!! The other day we were in a different House of Fraser and they had a sale but it was only about 10% off and we didn't really like any of the scents, but here they had just three christmas cookie candles left, which is one of our absolute favourite scents, I got the large jar which was reduced from £19.99 to £10.00, which is SO good for Yankee Candles, we were ecstatic! 

Then we got our Tesco delivery which we are always VERY excited about!

And here are the two things I am most excited about..
This is usually my drink of choice when I go out so when I found this limited edition flavour on the tesco website I HAD to get it, however I didn't realise it would be so creamy looking, I guess I should of known from the name Strawberries & CREAM, silly Chloe!

Me and my sister love Krave but it's soo expensive, and we have been wanting to try this one for ages, so we waited until it was on offer to buy it, so excited to try!

Then I had to tend to this... and that was just the clothes, nevermind my thousands of other bags of junk! But I kind of love getting back and unpacking because it always turns into a massive organisation and cleaning session which I enjoy!

After all the unpacking and coffee-ing we cooked a yummy homemade pad thai and watched an episode of Gossip Girl!

Such a busy but great day, and I cannot wait to get to the gym tommorow, I wonder how long this motivation will last?! By the end of last term I certainly wasn't excited at the thought of the gym, but I really can't wait to get back!


Quote of the day:

I don't usually write anything about the quotes I put at the end of my posts, but me and my sister were actually talking about this today, and about how important little things really are, I believe this so much and try to appreciate everything. I can actually be quite negative and pessimistic so not getting stressed by uni and just every little thing that I worry about (which is most things to be honest) can be quite challenging, but life is short and the little things really do turn out to be the big things, at least they are to me, when I look back I want to remember all the silly fun little things, not how stressed I felt or what I was worrying about, so I guess this sort of links back to my New Years Resolutions that I posted yesterday! 

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