Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow, food, and a cute little Buddah

Soooo this is what happened recently

And although I find snow just as beautiful as everyone else, it really hasn't been much fun, and I don't feel like I got to appreciate it at all, apart from in the pictures above from the weekend with my sister. Getting to uni is a task, none of my shoes have any grip on them, and I have to walk up and down bridges at a snails pace, whilst trying not to fall flat on my ass. The weekend was good, I was able to enjoy it a little more with my sister when we went into town and for a cheeky carvery, being with her would make falling over in snow very funny, but falling over when i'm on my own walking to uni, not so much!

YUM. We were told by the waitress that students also can get free cokes with carverys, shame she didn't tell us that when us poor students ordered tap waters!

And how freaking cute is my little buddha?! I saw him and just wanted him, so cheeky and happy. Only £1.00 from the market, little things!


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