Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cheeky trip to tgis with Katie! It was sooo yummy, but there was way too much food! (We had jack daniels sesame chicken strips and sweet potato fries aswell as all this!)

Been needing a new belt for ages, my old one was falling apart, literally!

MORE Barry M. My aim is to collect all of them :) I am loving the gold one I have it on right now.

The new wispa hot chocolate is SO good, made even better by my christmas mug from the german market.

H&M - £9.99

H&M - £9.99

H&M - £7.99

New Look - £34.99 reduced to £25.99

New Look - £21.99 reduced to £8.00

H&M - £6.99

My mum brought me and Katie this white hot chocolate to take to uni with us! And got the chilli one for herself. I still haven't had chance to try it but I am really excited for it!

Samples! I tried the lychee & mango one the other day and its the best tea I have EVER tasted, not even an exaggeration, I never like flavored or fruit tea's because they usually have no flavor, these are a huge exception!

Lunch the other day, trying to be a little healthier!

Yummy curry me and Katie made the other day

Again, trying to be a little bit healthier, on the drive going back to uni..

Cheap dvd's from HMV! Ted is seriously so good! I actually preferred it the second time I watched it for some reason. I like Water for Elephants too but I don't think it's as good as I thought it would be.

Eventually finished both of my paint by numbers!

Brought a new smoothie maker. I got loads of ingredients to make a smoothie, put them all in my old maker, turned it on, and it didn't work! So we got this one, so far, so good!

I don't really know what this face is about

Enjoying my eskimoo milkshake yesterday. Cookie dough peanut butter, so naughty, but so good!!

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  1. I love making smoothies, I need a new juicer though. Love all the cute clothes you got! xx

    I'm new to blogspot, check out my blog if you wish!