Saturday, 6 April 2013

Shopping and food.. so my life, basically.

New PJ's :) They are just too cute. 
Asda - £13.00

A few bits and bobs!

Cooking thai curry!! Soso good.

I totally found one of my birthday presents two months early, how amazing is my caterpillar? SO CUTE! I've named her Dorothy or Dozza/Dozzo. I feel instantly happy just looking at her, best birthday present ever.

And Belle likes her :)

As does Katie.. :)

I'm on a serious hunt for something that will actually volumize my hair, I put this in my hair when it was wet and it didn't really do much. Maybe I need to do it when it's dry?

High waisted shorts - £19.99 - New Look
White top - £7.99 - New Look
Black top - £12.99 - New Look

Stir fry!

I got so excited when I saw these in Tesco the other day, HAD to have them. Only problem they are just way too small, but I think that's part of their selling point that they're small and only 96 cals...

I needed a new necklace for Thursday night as in my opinion my dress was just a little boring..

My drink of choice the other night which I was really excited about!

Some pictures of my night out


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