Sunday, 29 September 2013

Home made Granola

Oats (I just kind of guess the amount! It depends how oaty you like your granola)
200g Mixed Nuts and Raisans
Honey (2/3 Tbsps)
Dried Fruit (I used Cranberries)
Dark Chocolate Chips (Optional)
Oil (3 Tbsps)

Put your Oats into a baking tray

Add the mixed nuts

...and chocolate chips

Then the honey and oil, and mix!

And bake for 15-25 minutes 

Then add your choice of dried fruit!

I got this really cute Jar from Wilkinsons to store my Granola in!

And you can serve it with whatever you want! I usually have mine with fruit and plain yogurt :) And sometimes I add a spoonful of Nutella, but that's probably not the healthiest option haha!

I got this recipe off Claires channel here. I only followed it roughly as I didn't have all the ingredients!


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