Sunday, 22 September 2013

Summer 2013

As Summer is basically over now I thought I would do a little post of some pictures from my Summer. I'm excited but a little scared to be going into year 3 of uni, I definitely don't feel ready to go into the big wide world and get a job! I also went on holiday to Orlando in the summer with my sister, and was going to include a few pictures on this blogpost, but I think I may do them on a separate post! Enjoy!

21st Birthday Celebrations

Night out with my sister and her friends

Reunited with my babies for the summer

Lush bath

Unpacking at home..

Shelf building..

Family meal for my Nannys 70th birthday!

Pub lunch with Mom and Katie!

First timers at Yo Sushi

Some yummy cupcakes, mines the red velvet one, obviously!

Trip to Nottingham to see the best documentary ever made. I urge everyone to see it!!!

Baking cookies with Katie

A yummy trip to Wagamamas (This is Prawn Firecracker - so spicy I love it!)

Tamworth Castle visit

I just loved how my fruit bowl looked!

White chocolate rocky road

Stratford with Katie

Still reading this book, but it is SO good so far!

Last family meal before going back to uni, Chung Ying Garden in Birmingham, favourite restuarant!

Fave Costa drink - Mango and Passionfruit Cooler (I get this even in Winter haha)

My new wall quote!

Quality time with Belley

I was counting down the days until this was released, I NEVER buy brand new dvd's because they are just so expensive, but for this I made an exception.

Back to uni.. delightful student housing, this sofa is the most uncomfortable thing I have EVER sat on.


Our toiletry shelf, not sure that we have enough?

Making it homey :)

My little bedroom :)


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