Thursday, 19 September 2013

Katies Birthday

 It was Katies 23rd birthday the other day, we didn't do much, as shes just started her first 'proper' job, so she had been at work all day, so we both got up at 6.30(!!) for her to open her presents, and then after she finished work we went to Zizzi and to the cinema to see About Time, it was a really good night!

'Arancini Funghi E Mozzarella' (Risotto rice balls with mushroom and mozzarella). These were SO good!

Katie had 'Pollo Al Prosciutto' (Chicken wrapped in prosciutto ham, with tuscan potatoes and green beans), and she really liked it!

And I had 'Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso' (Spicy picante chicken with red pesto, creme fraiche, and spring onions), it was really good, but I would have liked more sauce and chicken, as the pasta was a bit boring on it's own!

Katies Cadbury Flake cake that I got her! We've recently become cake fanatics, and although this was nice it wasn't the best cake we've had, it seemed to be a bit hard and not very moist inside! I was looking for the Morrisons Red Velvet cake to get her but they've stopped selling it at the one here! 

This film was seriously AMAZING, it isn't really how the advert makes it look (like you think you know whats all going to happen and how it will end), and it really makes you think and appreciate things. And I just LOVE Rachel McAdams, (and obviously Bill Nighy!)


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