Saturday, 5 October 2013

New phone, shopping, and pizza!

I eventually got a new phone, I am SOOO HAPPY!!! I've had a crappy Blackberry for nearly two years now, it repeatedly broke and I had to constantly take it to get fixed, it froze and turned off all the time, and when it froze the battery would completely drain. Everything about it was crap, and I will never be purchasing a Blackberry again! Saying that though, I think mine was the first ever model, or a very early one, so they may have got better in time.

Anyway, I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and I am in LOVE with it so far. And I'm finally on Instagram as I couldn't get it on my blackberry, and I've wanted it for ages! My instagram is: chloeulett

I had a little shopping trip in between uni lectures the other day (when I probably should have been in the library), I really shouldn't be buying things, but I really wanted some studs since having my second hole pierced as I don't have many pairs, so I just got some simple ones, and they were 3 for 2!

Then I went into Boots to discover that Barry M now have Matte nail varnishes, I got SO excited and had to buy one, I have so many Barry M's I can't keep count! I haven't totally made my mind up about how I feel about Matte nail varnishes yet, but it's good to have a change!

 I also had a £2.50 Tesco voucher so I got these..

The nuts are for Granola, and the Macaroons are just because they are yummy!

I also went into town with Katie today, she was looking for a blazer in New Look, when I spotted these green supersoft skinny jeans, reduced from £20 to £10, and I really liked how they look on! I don't have any colourful jeans, I know these are still really dark, but I love the colour!

And now I'm eating leftover Pizza Hut and catching up on Parenthood!

Tommorow I have an interview for a volunteer position with the Samaritans, I'm a little nervous, I really hope I get it, it's something I've wanted to to for ages!!
I also survived my first week back at uni, I felt so anxious about starting again, I think it may be because of having a 4 month summer and just not being used to it anymore. It wasn't the best week, but it wasn't the worst, I'm glad to be back in the routine now and really want to do well this year, my goal is a 2:1, and I really hope I achieve it, I need to just focus on the work and stop worrying about other things that don't matter.


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